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Sarah Connor Chronicles fanfiction
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Fanfic for the TV show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Fanfic for the TV series, Termintor: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
- This community is for fic. Art stories, comics, and ficmixes (fanmix and fic) are more than welcome.

- All fic here is welcome, inculding gen, het and slash.

- Continuing on from the previous point, this comm is for characters from the show only. This means for the time being that no RPF/RPS is to be posted here.

- Please warn where it is needed. This includes for pairings, and any kinks that may be in your fic.

- Please keep fics behind a cut (fake or real). Also keep spoilers behind a cut.

- When posting fics, include characters/pairings, rating, warnings (including spoiler alerts).

An example:

- Please tag your entries accordingly.

- Please be considerate of people's layout restrictions. This means, try to avoid posting large graphics that may stretch the layout and keep large/coloured fonts to a minimum.

- NO flaming/bashing. You may not like a certain character/pairing/kink/writing style, but that doesn't permit you to bash the author. Constructive criticism is a writer's best friend but flaming is just cruel.

- Please ask me (finding_jay) before promoting your community. I'll more than likely say yes. Check out my userinfo for contact info.
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